Peter Hansen dead photo

✟ RIP Peter Hansen

Born 1921 - Death 2017

❝ Peter Hansen may refer to: Peter Hansen (painter) (1868–1928), Danish painter Peter Hansen (UN) (born 1941), Danish relief worker Peter Andreas Hansen (1795–1874), Danish astronomer Peter Hansen (actor) (born 1921), American actor Peter Hansen (politician), New Hampshire politician Peter Hansen (rower) (born 1921), Danish rower at the 1952 Summer Olympics Peter O. Hansen (1818–1895), translator of the Book of Mormon into Danish Peter Reinhard Hansen (born 1968), Danish economist at the Stanford University Peter Hansen (SS officer), Chilean SS soldier, commander of the 29th and 15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Peter Hansen (American football), American football coach at Stanford University Peter Allan Hansen (1944–2012), Danish classical philologist ❝

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