John Abercrombie dead photo

✟ RIP John Abercrombie

Born 1944 - Death 2017

❝ John Abercrombie or Abercromby is the name of: John Abercromby (monk) (fl. 1561), 16th-century Roman Catholic martyr, maybe fictitious John Abercrombie (horticulturalist) (1726–1806), Scottish horticulturalist and writer Sir John Abercromby (British Army officer) (1772–1817), British general and politician John Abercrombie (physician) (1780–1844), Scottish physician and philosopher John Joseph Abercrombie (1798–1877), US Army Civil War brigadier general John Abercromby, 5th Baron Abercromby (1841–1924), Scottish antiquary John Abercrombie (Congressman) (1866–1940), President of the University of Alabama and United States Representative from Alabama John Abercrombie (guitarist) (1944-2017), American jazz guitarist John Abercrombie (cricketer) (1817–1892), English cricketer ❝

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